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Buying Group Power gives your club the Best Pricing on all products


Suppliers Reward Buying Groups with great Income Rebates

Club United is a BUYING GROUP with massive add on benefits

What is a buying Group?

In its simplest form, a Buying Group is the coming together of similar independent businesses to leverage their combined purchasing power to receive improved financial benefits and payment terms on the products they buy.

How is Clubs United different to a One stop shop distributor?

Clubs United is not a distributor, owns no product ,has no alliances with any suppliers and gets the best possible prices direct from suppliers to Clubs. Whilst distributors need margins of 25-30% to run their business, Clubs United works only for and exclusively for sporting clubs

Give it to me straight!

Clubs United will save your Club time, money and heartache when it comes to supply of goods.

No… Seriously What does that mean?

100 – 120 man hours saved not sourcing / collecting product

$ 5,000 – $ 10,000 Per year in savings and rebates

$ 20,000 Income Initiative Templates access

$ 10,000 in Future Sponsorship


Man Hours Saved

$5,000 - $10,000

Wholesale Savings

$ 20,000

Revenue Initiatives Access


Future Sponsosrship


What are you waiting for?

Clubs United leads from the front for the community sporting club industry when it comes to helping clubs reduce costs, improve supply chain efficiencies and add huge value in other segments  . We have thought of everything when it comes to assisting Clubs achieve their financial goals.

A Dollar Saved is Better than a Dollar Earned. Benjamin Franklin

Cut Costs
Improve Profits
Grow stronger
Grow Faster
On and off the Field